English for Business Communication 2 [ 001190]

Course Materials

- Main coursebooks:

[1] Cotton D., Falvey D., and Kent S. (2006). Market Leader: New edition, Upper Intermediate. Spain: Mateu Cromo, S.A. Pinto, Longman
[2] Sweeney S. (2002). Communicating in Business (2nd edition). Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

- Reference books:

[3] Comfort, J. (1997). Effective Presentations. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
[4] Trappe,T. and Tullis, G. (2009). Intelligent Business (New edition, Upper Intermediate). London: Longman.

- Tài liệu tham khảo khác:

[5] Dignen, B. (2003). Communicating in Business English. New York: Compass Publish.
[6] Pearson Longman. (2007). Longman Business English Dictionary (New edition). Harlow: Pearson Longman.
[7] Walkwork, A. (1999). Business Options. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
[8] Williams, E.J. (2008). Presentations in English. Oxford: Macmillan.

Course Assessment

Assessment 1 (10%) - Individual/ Pair/ Group work

Assessment 2 (20%)

- Attendance (2 pts.)

- Classroom activities (Individual/ Pair/ Group work) and/or e-learning (8 pts.)

Assessment 3 (Mid-term test - 20%)

Assessment 4 (Final exam - 50%)

Eligibility for the final exam

Students are required (1) to attend at least 80% of the classes, (2) to get access to the course e-learning system and complete at least 6 E-learning quizzes/ assignments, the average score of which must be 5 or above up to Week 10 of the course, (3) to actively participate in class activities and discussions, (4) to read the assigned materials before every class meeting, and (5) to complete all assignments on time.

Failure to comply with the requirements will mean ineligibility to sit for the final examination.